Welcome to the world of Electronics Circuits

Welcome to Circuits Analytica - Circuit Analytica is a platform for Diploma/BE/BTech/BSc students to learn about electronics and circuits. Here you will find tutorials on various subjects Basic Electronics, Electronics Circuits, Analog Integrated Circuits, Network Analysis and Synthesis, operation of different hobby circuits etc. At circuitsanalytica.com you will learn the essential circuit designing and circuit analysis along with latest technologies along with real life practice examples, so that you can create your own circuits and systems to provide technological solutions for the society.

Analog Circuits

Analog circuits or Electronics Circuits deals with circuits which process time varying or analog signals. Amplifiers, oscillators etc. are some of the examples of this type of circuits. In analog devices, basic components like resistors, transistors, capacitors etc. which can process signals in analog nature are used.

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Basic Electronics

Basic Electronics engineering is the study of various basic components in Electronics Engineering like PN junction diodes, different types of transistors, resistors, capacitors etc. Knowledge of basic electronics is very essential to understand operation of various components, devices and various electronics circuits.

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Network Analysis

Network analysis or electric circuit analysis as it is commonly known, is the analysis of different types of circuits like resistive networks, RC, RL and RLC circuits using different network theorems. This section helps students and budding engineers to learn basic theorems like Kirchhoff's Laws, Superposition theorem, Ohm's Law etc.

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Multiple Choice Questions

Multiple Choice Questions are very much useful as it helps to enhance his/her knowledge in a particular subjects. This is a vital area which helps a person to qualify for various examinations like UPSC, interviews for entry level technical jobs in various public and private sector companies etc.

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VHDL Turotials

VHDL is the acronym for VHSIC Hardware Description Language where VHSIC stands for Very High Speed Integrated Circuit. This is a scripting language used for the description or modelling of complex digital circuits. In VHDL, a circuit can be modelled in four different styles. They are dataflow style of modelling, structural modelling, behavioral & mixed style of modelling.....

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Verilog Tutorials

Verilog HDL is a popularly used scripting language which is widely used for the description or modelling of complex digital circuits. Basically, a circuit can be modelled in five different styles in Verilog HDL - they are gate level modelling, switch level modelling, structural modelling, behavioral modelling and mixed style of modelling.....

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