Basic Electronics

Amplifier - RC Coupled amplifier - operation & analysis

Basic Logic Gates - Basic logic gates explained

Biasing circuits - Different types of transistor biasing circuits

Current Division Rule - Current Division Rule simplified

DC Load line - DC load line of an amplifier simplified

Light Dependent Resistor - Operation of a Light Dependent Resistor

LED Biasing - How to connect a LED in a circuit?

Ohms Law - What is Ohm's Law? Ohm's Law simplified

Operating point of an amplifier - Significance of operating point of an amplifier

Resistance - Effective value of resistance in shunt combination of resistors

Resistance - Effective value of resistance in series combination of resistors

Resistance Colour Coding - Colour coding of resistance simplified

Relay - Principle of operation of a relay, various types of relays

Transistor as a Switch - Principle of operation of a transistor as a switch

TRIAC - Principle of operation and working - simplified

Universal Logic Gates - Universal Logic Gates - explained

Voltage Division Rule - Voltage Division Rule -simplified

Zener Voltage Regulator - Working of a simple zener voltage regulator